Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fairy Seat

Ry and I bought a strand of lights last weekend when we were at the hardware store (picking up the parts for the wreath I made). We put them out on the porch, wrapping the porch railing. We haven't turned them on yet, but at least have them out there. Today the rain started. While I was getting up to get the laundry I looked out the window and saw CHUBS sitting on one of the light bulbs! Apparently the bulb was a little branch just big enough for him. And since the rain was just coming straight down he was still under the protection of the roof. I just had to get some pictures of him and his shenanigans...

Sitting in on light bulb.

I see you talking pictures of me.

Chubs, being chubby.

My fluffy feathers on my head.

Waving with one wing.

In flight.

Check out that tongue!

Hey, what are you looking at?!

I'm bored of your picture taking.

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