Sunday, September 25, 2022

Workout Recap - Week 39

Sunday, September 18th – 4 mile treadmill run (~40 minutes)

Monday, September 19th – 8 mile treadmill run (~71:52)

Tuesday, September 20th – 4 mile treadmill run (~34:10)

Wednesday, September 21st – Rest Day/ Travel Day

Thursday, September 22nd –  4ish miles

Friday, September 23rd  Rest Day

Saturday, September 24th – 17ish miles

Like I mentioned in last week's workout recap, the hubby and I were going to be out of town for vacation, so workouts were going to look a little different. Because we were staying in a new-to-us area of Kauai, I stuck to the treadmill for my runs since I wasn't super familiar with the area. (The hubby and I would hit up the gym for a quick afternoon session while the hubby's dad and his wife were at the pool.) Also, while we were in Hawaii my watch decided to stop working, so the treadmill was the best way to estimate my distance. When we got back I was able to stick with familiar routes or "Map My Run" to get an idea of when and where I should turn around (but I have no idea about pace). I haven't run "naked" in quite some time, so it was definitely an interesting experience (but hopefully my replacement watch arrives soon :)).

How were your workouts this past week?

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