Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Summer Solstice Adventure

A few weeks ago ROAD iD reached out to me about teaming up for a Summer Solstice campaign. If you've been around my corner of the InterWebs for any length of time, you've probably seen a picture of my wrist and noticed my ROAD iD.

And, in case you aren't exactly sure what a ROAD iD is, let me tell you ;) ROAD iD is a durable, rugged, athletic, fashionable line of identification gear. They have various forms of ID to allow a person to decide where they want to wear their vital info. They encourage active people who participate in outdoor activities to wear ID and not take the chance of being unidentified in the event of an accident. It's far better to wear ID and never need it than to need ID and not have it.

Source: ROAD iD's Facebook

Anywho, back to the campaign. As I'm sure you are know, the Summer Solstice is the day with the most sunlight due to the Earth's maximum tilt towards the sun. They asked a handful of people (me being one of the lucky 5) to go on an adventure, soaking up as much sunlight as possible and take folks along for the ride. Uh, YUP, sign me up!


The first thing to decide was WHERE to go... and then WHAT to do! The hubby and I were able to work it out to head up to Mammoth Lakes for a camping trip (thankfully the campgrounds had just officially opened after the COVID closures).


Let's be real, the mountains are ALWAYS calling!

If you read my post on our San Jacinto Hike that I shared last week, you saw that I rolled my ankle pretty badly at the end of that one, so we needed to take that into account for this adventure. We decided to keep the hiking mellow and hit up Convict Lake. The views around the lake are stunning (as to be expected just about EVERYWHERE in the Sierras) and the route is fairly flat. We took it nice and slow, stopping to snap photos (and let my ankle rest) whenever we wanted.

Ready to get the party started!

Don't crush the brush!

We even stopped around the back side of the lake (from where you park) and enjoyed a little lunch. (PRO TIP: Throw a couple bananas, tortillas and packs of your favorite nut butter in your bag for a delish mid-hike snack.)

Loved having my best adventure friend (and hubby) along for the day!

Almond butter is my go-to nut butter!

Instead of continuing around the rest of the lake, we actually went back the same way to came because we knew it was a little more mellow and I wouldn't have to worry about my footing as much. #BetterSafeThanSorry

The boardwalk was nice as I didn't have to worry about stepping on a rock and twisting my ankle again.

After a morning of hiking we went to the campground and hung out for a bit. We decided to jump on some bikes and cruise into town to see if we could find any stickers to add to our fridge in our AdventureMobile.

Who doesn't love some good wrist candy?!

Since California was just beginning to re-open businesses, there weren't a ton of stores open downtown to look for goodies, so we mostly just rode around for a while on the bike paths and around the different campgrounds.


Although I would have much preferred jam packing the day with activity after activity, my ankle just wouldn't allow it. That doesn't mean we didn't soak up every extra moment of sunlight that we could. In fact, we took an evening bike ride over to the golf course so we could take in the stunning sunset views (the sun wasn't actually "setting" as much as it was going down behind the mountains, but we could see it a little better than in the campground).

Once the sun goes down it gets pretty chilly so I started to bundle up.

To cap off the day, we made a fire and obviously had vegan s'mores (one of my favorite parts of camping ;)). We absolutely soaked up as much sunshine as possible and I'm super appreciative for ROAD iD for "sponsoring" the trip.


PS If you don't have a ROAD iD yet, you can use code CARLEEMCDOT to save 20% through July 29th. Oh yeah, and below is the little video they put together of the #TeamROADiD crew enjoying their Summer Solstice Shenanigans.

If you couldn't run, would you prefer to bike or hike?

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