Sunday, April 22, 2018

Wild Keepers Impact Day {April}

I know Sundays are normally reserved for my Workout Recaps, but today is a special day... It's April 22nd - EARTH DAY! 


And because it's Earth Day it is also a Wild Keepers Impact Day! Hopefully by now (since this is the third Impact Day post) you are well accustomed to the idea. If not, or if you are new to these parts, let me give you a brief heads up.

  • I was accepted as a Wild Keeper by the brand Keep It Wild
  • It's an ambassadorship of sorts, but instead of pimping product, we are making a difference in our community
  • One requirement of the relationship is to get out on a monthly basis to help make this world a better place
  • Hopefully in the process it inspires others to do the same thing

What better day than EARTH DAY to try to leave this place better than we found it?! It's pretty perfect if you ask me!


So, just like in February and March, the hubby and I went out to lend a hand and do our best to clean up Mother Earth. In February we went to a local bouldering area (the hubby is a rock climber), and in March we went to the beach, so I thought it would be great to hit up the trails for April. As always, there was unfortunately a ton of trash for us to gather.


We went over to the San Luis Rey River Trail (which I normally bike or run on a few times a month) and spent a little over an hour picking up garbage. I think we covered MAYBE a half mile and ended up with over 26 POUNDS of trash (yes, in case you were wondering, we do bring it all home with us so we can weigh it before throwing it in the dumpsters).

The theme of our clean-up was "all about the B". We picked up a ton of broken bottles, (cigarette) butts, buttons, bags (a ton of poop bags and grocery bags), books, bottle caps and batteries. It's crazy (and sad) how much we grabbed.

We couldn't decide if the previous owner of the book got rid of it
because it didn't work or because it did and they found "their love"

I even fished out a pair of undies from the bushes... Unfortunately we hadn't found the fishing pole at that point so I had to use a stick - but the fishing pole was definitely the most useful piece of trash we found! We used it a ton to reach trash that was on the other side of the fence or so that we would not have to touch the really gross stuff with our hands.

The hubby joked that Keep It Wild made out like bandits this semester because they got two ambassadors for the "price" of one ;) What can I say?! I have the bestest hubby in the world (and one that loves the environment just as much as me)!

The hubby was a ROCKSTAR and even did a little fence jumping to grab more of the garbage!

PS If you want to be a Wild Keeper, the applications for the summer semester are open till May 4th so APPLY NOW!

And if you aren't able to get outside and help clean up a bit, there are other great ways to help the Earth (today and every day). Please don't let anyone ever tell you that your effort doesn't make a difference... EVERY LITTLE BIT MATTERS!


How did you celebrate Earth Day?

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