Friday, November 23, 2012

O'Side Turkey Trot

Ryan and I were originally going to go camping with friends over the holiday, but some family sicknesses came up and we decided to postpone the trip. Since we were free Thanksgiving morning, we decided to sign up for the Oceanside Turkey Trot. I wanted to do the 5-Miler and Ryan wanted to do the 5K.

The 5-Miler started at 7am (it was awfully floggy out, but by the time we got to mile 1 the sun started to break through. It was a beautiful course throughout downtown Oceanside, the Harbor, and finishing at the pier. My outloud goal was 45-50 minutes (I haven't ran a 5miler race length before and was shooting for a 9-10 minute pace), but I really wanted to be under 45 minutes. I ended up just eeking by 45 (I think the official time was 44:55) to I was keeping pace with about 9 minute miles (I forgot to stop my watch as the finish - well, I thought I did but I guess I didn't hit the button hard enough, which is why it is about 5 seconds after, but still not over 45:00 :) ).

The 5K started at 8:30am (they actually allowed you to run both if you wanted, which is why they gave time between the start of each). This was the first 5K race that Ryan ran on his own (without me running with him) - but that meant I got to be his photographer. He did GREAT! I think he beat over 5,000 people (the 5K was about 7,500 people while the 5Miler was only like 1,200 people).

The Turkey Trot is a fun race and am glad that even though we didn't run next to one another, we both got out there and kicked a little booty on Thanksgiving. Now on to the next races :)

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