Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Slow and Steady

Yesterday started my 'running outside'. I was actually pretty excited. I met up with my 'coach' in the afternoon and reminded him that the end of last week marked 30 days in the gym with no running outside. I was figuring he would say something like 'Ok, not you can start running outside again, how about 4 miles today'. But he didn't - not even close. He said that the point is to feel no pain (because he doesn't want me to have to take more time off before my race and also doesn't want me to do any type of permanent damage to myself while training). He is having me continue with the same plan I have been doing (with the long intervals, circuit training, standard elliptical run, short intervals and another circuit training), but adding easy jogging outside with it - so, for example, I still did my long intervals yesterday on the elliptical for 60 minutes, but then I went and jogged for 5 minutes afterwards. Then Wednesday when I have my standard elliptical day I will do that for 60 minutes and then jog outside for 10 minutes. And then Friday I will do my short intervals with 15 minutes of jogging outside. We are only planning on training one week at a time right now - but hopefully if it continues to be pain free we will be able to get outside for longer periods of time. Other than this next week, the other thing that we talked about was after my race. He suggested that I take 2-3 weeks off and then we start working on changing my form (to running on my toes so hopefully me knees won't hurt after that since they won't be what is absorbing the impact). Thank you to everyone who has continued to give me encouragement, kind words, prayers, etc. It is great to know that kind people like you are out there and care about me :) YOU ROCK!

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