Sunday, October 30, 2011

Senior Pics

Obviously by now you know that I like free things (if you don't, welcome to my blog, since you probably haven't been here for long :) ). Anyway, there is a coupon for a free photo shoot and $30 worth of prints for free through Sears. (It is good until November 15th, so you should do it too!). I asked Ryan if he would do the little photo shoot with me, and of course he agreed. We had to decide on a theme, which actually was harder than you would think. We have never really had professional pictures taken of us before, so we had a hard time deciding if we were going to go the silly route or the nice route. We decided on the Michigan Theme. We went over there yesterday and took a couple pictures. The process probably took about an hour in total (they took about 10 shots of us in front of maybe 3 or 4 back drops, then we had to wait for them to get the pictures ready, pick which ones we wanted, and then we will go back in a couple weeks to pick them up). I know they have the water marks on them, but you get the idea! And YES they do seem like senior pictures, but we had fun!

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