Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Screens are UP

Yay! We got the screens and frames up last night! Our neighbors may not be too happy, seeing as we were using power tools on the balcony till close to 10pm, but all for the beautifying of our space :) The pictures below still aren't the best (using an iPhone) and we don't have everything out there yet (futon mattress, pillows, plants, paper lanterns, etc), but I wanted to at least capture the screens and frames.

My mom bought the screen (1 4-panel screen that we disassembled into 2 2-panel screens) for us from a local place called Legacy Decor (right up in Newport Beach). We looked for like a full day online for a screen I liked and finally found one at a place about 30 miles away, hehe.

Ryan and I built the frames around it (okay, more Ryan and I was just the foreman). We used 5 1x4's - 4 for the posts and 1 split in two for the brace on top. We painted them with an outdoor paint so that the weather wouldn't effect them as much (I know, I know, we don't get much weather, but when we do, I want the stuff safe :)) . We also sprayed everything with a weatherproof lacquer type spray to help protect it. We used black zip ties through the natural space in the screen and drilled a few holes in the frame and attached everything to the balcony railings (they aren't attached to each other because we didn't want to possibly wreck the screen if we ever decided to move it inside).

When we get everything out on the porch I will be sure to take more pictures. Also, I think I will try and remember to take a few from below the condo so you can see it from an outside perspective too :)

Hope you like 'em - cause we LOVE THEM!!!

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