Tuesday, November 16, 2010


We started putting our tree up last night. Now before you get all crazy because it isn't even Thanksgiving, there is a method to my madness (more than we just love Christmas). Ryan and I trade off holidays with our families every year (mostly we just swap Thanksgiving and Christmas). Well, this year Ryan's family has Thanksgiving. They are coming out here, renting a house, and hanging out with us for a week. This week starts on Saturday. I thought that it might be nice for them to see the house dressed up in Christmas. Also, since they will be here from Saturday to Saturday, if we waited until they left it would be too close to December for comfort. With all that being said... we only 'STARTED' doing the decorating last night. "Why" you ask. Well, half of our lights are burnt out, so we put up the tree and decorated the bottom half of it, but have to wait to tonight to go get more lights and finish the top of the tree :). You will have to wait patiently for pictures (and just accept this one for now - PS Ours will not have snow on it :) ).

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