Friday, July 9, 2010

Pub Table

Ryan and I ordered our dining room set this past weekend. It arrived at the store on Wednesday, so Ryan was able to get off a little early yesterday to pick it up before the store closed. Ryan was a master carpenter and put it all together last night. I really like the piece, but not sure about how I feel about it in our space. First, the lighting will need to be moved over slightly so that it is over the table more. Also, I am not sure if it is too overwhelming for the space. I don't want it to feel too big. Maybe we just need to get used to it a little more.

Do you have any thoughts? Does it look too big? Too tall? Just right?


Anonymous said...

confused....the light doesn't hang over
the center of the table?

cpm said...

Correct. Currently the light hangs over the furthest chair. If we move the table to be under the light it closes the space between the dining room and kitchen and you can't squeeze through to the kitchen.