Friday, May 22, 2009


Hi Friends,

Check it out. Here is how I would describe each of the categories below using just one word. Read and then forward it on, but of course change the answers to suit you. It's challenging to only use one word answer. Have fun!! :)

Where is your cell phone? Desk
Your significant other? Peter
Your hair? Blah
Your mother? AMAZING
Your father? Thoughtful
Your favorite? Huh?
Your dream last night? NONE
Your favorite drink? DietDew (I know, I know, it's 2 words, but I tried :))
Your dream/goal? Vagabond
What room are you in? Office
Your hobby? Creative
Your fear? Dark
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Traveling
Where were you last night? Group
Something that you aren't? Tall
Muffins? Fatty
One wish list item? Camera
Last thing you did? Peed
What are you wearing? Tshirt
TV? Office
Your pets? Blackie
Friends? Lovely
Your life? Overflowing
Your mood? Pain
Missing someone? Si
Drinking? Water
Smoking? Yuck
Your car? Loaned
Something you're not wearing? Shoes
Your favorite store? Goodwill
Your favorite color? Bright
When is the last time you cried? Yesterday
Who will maybe repost this? Tami
Where do you go to over and over? Work
Five people who email me regularly? Friends
My favorite place to eat? TBell
Place I'd like to be at right now? Bed

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